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Purchase MPLite or MPTools 


There is a known issue with PC's running OneDrive - it has been known to remove your purchased MPTools license key/registration. We strongly suggest you disable or uninstall OneDrive from your PC before purchasing MPTools!

Has your trial period expired? Been approved for a re-issued license key from previous purchase?

You'll need to send us your OrderForm Zip file before purchasing - see below.

1. Click on the "Get Key Code" option from within MPLite or MPTools to create your "ORDER" Zip File. 

2. Locate the "Order" Zip file in your My Documents/Documents folder (i.e.,

3. Fill out the form below: Click the button to locate and upload your Registration "Order" Zip File.

            HINT: (You'll find it in your "Documents" or "MyDocuments" folder)

4. Once the upload is complete, be sure to click "Submit and Go To Next Step"

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