Transcription line counting, text expander, invoicer, and more 


for those who want a program designed for medical transcription
MPWord goes beyond the common text editor and adds features not found in other programs. MPWord automates time-consuming, repetitive, data entry tasks with the use of input fields, clever codewords, and data stores; data stores are updated intelligently as you type. Documents are named from elements you choose and saved automatically into organized client folders.


MPWord includes:  

All simpleType software installs as a fully functional trial so you can be sure the program is right for you before you buy.  We suggest visiting our Support page to review the program HELP files, prior to downloading.
Free Trial


ProEd.      $149.00 

Standard  $105.00

Trial will install the Professional Edition of MPWord 

You may download MPwMTSO or MPWord but not both onto the same computer. 

Band together

When you, and others you work with, use MPWord, you can share client profiles, templates, addressers, data stores, and more. 


Pair MPWord up with SimpleVoice and you've got a great value-added service for your clients and a money & time saving option for you. 


There really is power in numbers!